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Ever since Edwar was born in Colombia in 1976, he has shown a special interest in the ocean. His fascination and love for the sea led him to become a Marine Biologist in 2002 at the University of Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

Edwar has been living, traveling and working as a photographer, videographer, recreational scuba instructor, technical diving instructor, & yacht captain over the years in different countries and has a wide range of experience to guide all types of underwater expeditions. His greatest passion is wildlife and nature photography, especially if it’s in the water.  He strives to capture the most compelling images to show off the creatures and environment in ways that amaze and inspire. In addition, he has been working with different underwater film productions including:  Mayan Blue (movie), CNN (Anderson Cooper 360, shark finning), BBC - Animal Planet (Caught in the Moment), National Geographic, French TV (Ushuaia Nature), Marine Investigators, Japanese TV. He has also guided numerous underwater expeditions with the most famous underwater photographers, due to his vast knowledge and expertise of local regions. His commitment to the ocean has made him active in marine conservation with several organizations.

Over the past eleven years he has spent thousands of hours diving, filming & photographing the wildlife off the coast of Colombia and Costa Rica at Malpelo, Papagayo Gulf, Bat & Catalina Island and Cocos Island; the last one, his favorite place on earth, documenting all aspects of the marine world there.

Edwar is currently a freelance photographer and videographer based in southern France and has practiced photography for more than 17 years. 


Awards and Recognitions

2018 Festival Internacional du film Maritime, d'exploration et d'environnement, Toulon - France. Prix d'Or Image fixe noir et blanc


2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year 53, Natural History Museum, London

Finalist Under Water Category: "Rough Love".


2017 Festival de L'image Sous-Marine de Nouvelle-Calédonie.

Winner Court-Métrage "Costa Rica" (Dugong d'Or).


2017 Fête européenne de L'image sous-marine Et de L'environnent, Strasbourg - France

Trophée Argent Vidéo: "Costa Rica".


2017 Festival de l'image Sous-Marine - Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Winner "Turtle Love": Les Coups de coeur du Jury


2017 Beneath The Sea - New York

2nd Place, "Costa Rica": Best in Show Price (Video): The Stan Waterman Award for Excellence in Underwater Videography.


2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year, England.

3rd Place Wide Angle Category: "Interaction"


2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year, England.

Behaviour Category: Commented "The Game"


2016 United Nations – World Oceans Day

3rd Place: Above Water Seascapes


2016 United Nations – World Oceans Day

3rd Place: Making a Difference: Humans in Action


2016 Beneath The Sea – New York

Best in Show Prize: The David Doubilet Award for Excellence in Underwater Photography "Turtle Love".


2010 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition

3rd Place – Wide angle.


2010 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition

4th Place – Behaviour.